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TheLaughery/Nichols/Crow/Wilson/Shaneyfelt/ Home Site

Photos of the families.

The Laughery's a brief history
The Wilson of Fairchance
The Shaneyfelt's or the correct way to spell it would be Schoenfeld
The Crow's
The Nicholls
Photos of the families.
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The Wilson Family around 1912
The Wilson family is my Grandfater Laughery mother side. Ellen Laughery is my G Grandmother

My father's parents John and Mariah Nicholls
This photo was taken around 1930 probably in East Riverside near Thompson 2 Pa

Early picture of my family Pat and Nila Nichols
This picture was taken at one of my son's Darrin early job sites

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The Gals Nellie, Caddy, Carol,Connie.
Nellie Laughery Nichols and her sister Caddy Laughery Matty with Carol Vargas and Connie DeSalvo

Nellie and Carol Nichol 1947
Nellie Nichols and Carol Nichols at the house in Maxwell

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Homer Nichols
Navy picture of my dad taken in Pittsburgh in 1945 I have the original

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