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This is the story of the Crow famlly and agin was I surprised at what I found. Did my dad know of the families prominince in Fayette county I don't think so or he would of said something.

Chapter 6


The Crow’s really had me surprised by the past the surfaced as I did my research. As I said before my father never talked much about the Crow’s but to say that it was his mother’s maiden name. Since my dad was the baby in the family I doubt if he even knew much about his mothers family except the name. He was born in 1916 and most of her family was dead by then. His mother’s one brother Manley lived to 1940 but lived in Morgantown WV. His grandmother Dililah Clemmer Crow died in 1912 again before he was born.

The Crow family name migrated here from Williamsport MD. The patriarch of most Crow family was Michael Crow Sr. who was born around 1765. He died on Feb. 28, 1864 and he is buried in Fayette Co. Now just stop and think that was before the Declaration of Independence was even thought about. We were still a British Colony. He married Hannah E. Huhn who was born in 1773 three years before the Declaration of Independence. Also it must be remembered that this part of Pennsylvania was part of Virginia at that time.

In the history of Fayette country the family of Michael Crow is listed as very early settlers of the area especially Springhill Twp. He was the first to bring the name to Springhill Twp. The farm that they lived on belonged to his wife Hannah Huhn and upon the death of her parents Michael inherited the farm. He stayed there till his death in 1858 at the age of ninety eight(98). Living that long in those days you had to have some good genes. His descendants are perhaps more numerous than those of any of the first settlers of this region. Several of them have filled important county offices. Jacob Crow (son of Michael) was at one time treasurer of Fayette county. The family is noted for its firm adherence to the principles of the Democratic party. I wonder how William Evens ended up a Republican. I’m willing to bet that the two families didn’t speak to each other.

There was a fort on the Crow property built in 1774 by Mr. Van Swearingen and four others. The Indians captured a son of Van Swearingen named Duke, whom they never returned. Canto Hardin, a soldier of the war of 1812, after his return from service told several that he believed he saw Duke Swearingen among the Indians during his stay in Ohio, near Sandusky.

Just a note Hannah’s parents were John born 1730 died July 30, 1810 and Dorady Huhn born in 1741 and died Dec. 27 1806. I mention it because I like her mother’s name and she would be my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother. At this time and since this family tree could just go on and on I will not research the Huhn name any further. This is done in the interest of time and space. Now Michael Crow Sr. was a busy man and had nine children they are as follows:

1.John 1798 Buried Old Frame

2.Isaac 1799

3.Alexander 1806 Buried Old Frame (father of Isaac Benton and the Judge)

4.Elizabeth 1804

5.Katie 1806

6.Michael 1808

7.Nathaniel 1812 buried Old Frame died Nov 25, 1862

Sp. Elizabeth born Dec 15, 1820 died Aug 23, 1891


2. Chester

8.Mary 1814

9.Jacob 1815 -1907Buried Old Frame

As you research the Crow’s you’ll go crazy trying to keep the families straight. What I mean by this is there are so many Crow’s throughout Fayette Co and they are all related. I was mainly checking out our relationship the Senator and Judge Crow and exactly how close they were and was surprised to find they were very close. Judge Alexander Crow was the father of Isaac Benton Crow the father of my dad’s mother. His brother was the father of Josiah E Crow the father of William Evens Crow the 3 Republican Senator from Pennsylvania. I have more on the history of the Senator and will place it as an suffix to the book.

The Judge was very well known throughout Fayette Co and owned a lot of land I have a map which shows some of the lots in New Geneva PA. The Judge sold the house after the Civil War and moved to New Geneva where he owned a lot of property. He was a judge in the Fayette Country Court house an elected position back then and now. The Crow’s mainly lived in Springhill and Nicholson Twp. Fayette Co. I had the pleasure of visiting the estate of the late Judge Alexander Crow my Great-Great Grandfather. It is located off Old Frame Rd just outside of Smithfield.

The man that owns the property now has invited me to bring anyone over just so I call before I do so. He has in his possession, a pottery vase that has Hustade Crow initials on the bottom of it. I have attached pictures. New Geneva had a glass and pottery owned by Albert Gallatin and operated by his brother-in-law James Nicholson. Nicholson Twp is named after him. Since the judge owned a lot of property in New Geneva I just wonder if Hustead Crow work in the glass factory where he would have had the ability to make the piece of pottery I described above.

There is also a story about a gentleman by the name of Crazy Billy who when on a rampage one night and chased the Crow family around the farm in Springhill Twp. The Judge was arrested by Federalist Troops at his home in Springhill Twp during the Civil War. He was accused of being an non-abolitionist. He was found not guilty.

Judge Alexander Crow b March 17, 1806 died Feb 18, 1887 His obituary states that he had six children I show eight in the 1850 census. That not to say he wasn’t raising someone child which was not uncommon in those days. Listed below are the children I show in the 1850 census.

Sp Sarah Hustead Crow b Sept 28, 1811 died Oct. 7, 1889

1. Isaac Crow March 4, 1840 died Jan 1, 1899

2. Alexander Crow March 28. 1842 died Oct 12, 1863

3. Hannah b 1844 died Jan 3, 1865

4. Alpheus

5. Elizabeth

6. Hustead

7. Frances

8. Mary

There is some sort of a discrepancy in the children that the Judge had according to the census records and the marker at the grave sites. Also one thing that keeps troubling me is the Judge’s birth year. It can range anywhere from 1802 to 1806. If you go by the grave marker he was born in 1806. If you go by his obituary he was born in 1804 and if you go by some of the dates that have been entered by people doing genealogy research he was born in 1802. I prefer to use the date on the tombstone. It’s interesting to note that the Judge named one of his boys after his wife’s last name Hustead. Isaac B also named one of his children Hustead.

Most of the Michael Crow’s family is buried in a cemetery in Springhill Twp. The cemetery is called Old Frame and is located about 3 miles off Rt. 119 South between Smithfield and New Geneva. Isaac and Delilah are supposed to be buried there but I have yet to find their grave. I have been told that some tombstones are missing. There is another cemetery I visited near New Geneva where there is another whole family of Crow’s this family is the family of Isaac and John I believe. Now Isaac and Dililah whose maiden name was Clemmer. I’ll show the Clemmer family later because it is also very long. The Clemmers are connected both to the Wilson’s and the Crow’s.

Isaac and Delilah were also very busy in the making of children. They had 10 children and they are as follows:

Isaac B. Crow born March 4, 1840 died Jan 1, 1899

Sp Dililah (Clemmer) Crow born 1839 died March 3, 1912

Frank Crow 1876 Mariah Crow 1870

Hannah Crow 1874 Mary Crow 1865

Hustead A. Crow 1863 Melissa Crow 1867

Isaac Crow 1879 Alpheus W. Crow

Lydia Crow 1868 Manly Crow 1872 1940

It has been hard to find documentation on the family of Isaac Benton Crow. I did find an obituary for Manly and Hustead. There was also an article in the History of Fayette Co on Hustead which I will attached.

Capt Hustead A. Crow a prominent citizen of Fayette county, was born October 19, 1863, in Nicholson Twp. He died Sept. 5, 1921 the age of fifty eight (58) a little young if you look at some of the ages the Crow’s lived to be. He died in Fresno California from sun stroke and is buried there. His widow chose to come back to New Geneva to live the rest of her life.

I’ll give a brief history of Hustead because he lead a interesting life. He attended public schools in New Geneva until he was seventeen years of age, when he entered a printing office in Uniontown and learned the trade of printer. In 1889 and 1890 he was assistant treasurer of Fayette county under A. F. Downs, an attorney who was then treasurer of the county. Captain Crow had charge of the office when the new courthouse was constructed. From Uniontown he moved to Connellsville, July 1890 and became local editor for the “Courier” remaining in that capacity until 1895. In that year he accepted an appointment for the 23 rd district as a tax collector for an income tax that was enacted under the “Wilson bill”. The Supreme court of the United States later overturned that law as unconstitutional. He that returned to Connellsville where he successfully conducted a job in a printing office until February of 1898. In that year he got together with a group of businessmen and founder the “Connellsville News” a leading paper, and then the only Democratic daily paper in Fayette county. Captain Crow was elected business manager of the paper and filled that position until the declaration of the “Spanish-American War”. Hustead was a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard having joined it in 1892. He had worked his way up through the ranks to first sergeant. Company D was activated and left for Mt. Gretna on April 27, 1898, and was mustered in the United States service on May 12, 1898. They sailed from San Francisco on June 15, 1898, arriving at Camp Dewey, Manila July 21, 1898.

Company D participated in several important battles while in the Philippines. After the battle of Malalos Captain Crow remained to help guard that city until April 14, 1899 when he was ordered to returned to Cavite, where he remained, performing outpost duty until June 29th when his regiment embarked aboard the transport Senator and sailed for the United States July 1, 1899. On the way home the transport stopped at both Nagasaki and Yokohama, Japan, and finally sailed through the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on August 22, 1899. Colonel Alexander Hawkins of the Tenth Regiment died two days out of Yokohama. They were mustered out of service at the Presidio California August 22, 1899. On this day Captain Crow and company D headed home to Pennsylvania. According to newspaper accounts they received the greatest ovations ever known in both Pittsburgh and Connellsville. Hustead was promoted up through

the ranks to Captain.

When war was declared the Company commander was George A. Munson but while they were at Mt. Gretna his brother was killed in an accident and the Captain had to returned home to take care of all the affairs of business. Hustead Crow first sergeant was next in line for the promotion because the two lieutenants in the

Company didn’t met the physical requirements and so he was given the captaincy, but modestly made him decline it. He said it was to great a promotion so they made him a first lieutenant. An election was held and Frank B. Hawkins son of Colonel A. L. Hawkins of the regiment was chosen captain. When Captain Hawkins resigned at Manila, First Lieutenant Crow was made Captain, which was a popular promotion.

Captain Crow was detailed twice as judge of the first general court-Martial of the Philippines Islands The first sessions were held at Camp Dewey and the second time in Montigos palace in Manila. He was a brave soldier and a capable officer and was well liked by the entire company. Captain Crow is a Democrat and has been active in politics in Fayette county. His paternal grandfather was a prominent citizen and Democrat, and served two terms as associate judge of Fayette County. His uncle Jacob was Fayette County Treasure. His cousin William Evans Crow was a State Senator and U.S. Senator but a Republican. I will have more to say on this matter later on in this section. His father Isaac Benton Crow was a well- known and substantial citizen of the county and was also a Democrat. He was married to Maud Cunningham of Nicholson Twp. in 1893 They had four children three girls and one son named Virginia, Manila, Robin and Dewey. Captain Crow belong to the Golden Eagle at Uniontown. He was describe as “ A man of strong personality and unimpeachable business integrity and while modest and unassuming is a man of pleasing address and a strong intellect”.

Manley’s obituary just state that he is buried in Beverly Hill Memorial Park in Morgantown WV. His wife was Iva Cunningham and he had two sons Isaac E. Crow and Manley Jr. all of Morgantown WV. I have talked to people who remember Frank Crow from Brownsville. He was still there in 1940 when Manley died. Frank was in Roscoe PA in 1912 according to his mother’s obituary. Isaac Jr. was in Newell in the same year. Mary Robinson Crow was living in Dunkard Pa in 1912 and Lydia was living in Fairchance, Alpheus was in Speers PA which is about a mile from Charleroi. In that same year Mariah Nichols Crow was in Fredericktown and Hannah was in Smock. Melissa Hugland was dead by 1912. Twenty eight (28) years later Lydia had moved to Charleroi PA, Hannah Swogger Crow was living in Brownsville, Isaac had moved all the was out to Grand Junction Colorado. Mariah was living in Brownsville and Alpheus W Crow was in Charleroi.

I had ofter wondered how my grandmother would have met John Nicholls when he lived in West Brownsville and her in New Geneva and I’ll bet good money she was probabley staying at Frank’s or one of her other siblings place in Brownsville when she met him.

Hannah Crow is buried in Old Frame Cementy near the grave of Judge Alexander born on March 17, 1806 died Feb. 18, 1887 Judge Crow married Sarah Hustead Crow. Judge Crow one son Alexander is buried near him. I need to do some checking on the Alexander Crow buried next to the Judge and see who son he was because he does not

show up on any of the Judges census reports. He might be Nathanel’s son. I’m going to attemp to list Michael Crow Sr. descendants in a family tree form. I hope it doesn’t confuse you.

I did want to say a few words about the difference in political allegiance that seems to be present in the family with William Evans Crow being a Republican Senator. Every obituary I have read on most of the Crows emphasis the fact that they were die heart Democrat. Even the patriarch Michael Crow Sr. was a Democrat. Why then, was there this one Republican in the family? Fayette Country has always been a Democratic county. My guess is William Evens either changed because of pressure from the people he worked with or he crossed filed when he ran and won on the Republican ticket. I believe in the pressure theory but he had to have been popular to win as a Republican because it was always hard for a Republican to win and seat in Fayette politics. I’ll bet there were some real knock down drag out fight at the family reunions. Now on with the Crow tree which I hope you all understand.


1. Michael Crow Sr. b 1765 Williamsport MS d. Feb. 28, 1864 Georges Creek, Springhill Twp F.C. PA. He could of come from New York also

Sp Hannah Emma Huhn Crow b. 1773 m. Bef 1797 d. Sept. 3, 1851 Fayette Co. PA

2. John crow b. 1798 German Twp Fayette. Co. PA

Sp. Barbary Crow b. 1802

3. John Crow b 1818 Springhill Twp Fayette Co. PA

3. Michael Crow B. 1825 Springhill Twp

3. Isaac Crow b. 1829 springhill Twp

3. Alan Crow b. 1832 Springhill Twp

3. Lee Crow b. 1834 Springhill Twp

3. Henry Crow b. 1836 Springhill Twp

3. Christian Crow b. 1841 Springhill Twp

3. George Crow b. 1844 Springhill Twp Fayette Co.

2. Isaac Crow b. July 31, 1799 Fayettte Co d. Feb. 3, 1889 Fayette Co.

Sp. Nancy Kendall Crow b. 1800 Springhill Twp d. Jun 1872

3. Eliza Ann Crow Parshall b Jan 2, 1823 German Twp Fayette d. June 1872

Sp. Vincent Parshall b. 1817 Fayette Co m. 1844 d. May 25, 1872

4. Dr. James Worthington Parshall b. Nov 4, 1862 d April 14, 1923

4.Laura Parshall Baugham b May 10, 1846 Mc Clellandtown Fayette Co.

4. Isaac Parshall

4.Hannah Matilda Parshall b May 14, 1844 McClellandtown

4. Louise parshall b June 16 1847 McClellandtown

4. Ekuas Cakvin Parshall b. Oct 15 1849 mcClellandtown

4. Mary Elizabeth Parshall b. June 22, 1855 McClellandtown Fayette Co

3. Hannah Crow Antrin b. Aug 24, 1824 German Twp

Sp. Samuel Antrim b. 1820 German Twp

3. Eugene Crow b Aug 20. 1828 German Twp

3. Elizabeth Crow Mc Williams b. 1828 German Twp.

Sp Evan McWilliams m 1846

4. Samuel Edward McWilliams b. Aug 24, 1872 Fayette Co. d. May 16 1958

Sp Mary L Coffman McWilliams

5. Mildred McWilliams d Sept 21, 1968 Fayette Co.

3. Michael Crow b. Sept 6 1831 d. German Twp Sept. 26, 1907 Buried Old Frame Sp. Sally Dendall Crow b 1834 German Twp m 1855




3. Margaret Crow b. Oct. 7 1832 German Twp d. march 11, 1833 German Twp

3. Mary Ann Crow Finley b Jan 2, 1834 German Twp.

Sp Evan Finley b 1830 German Twp m. 1855

3. Harvey Crow b June 16, 1836 German Two d march 1, 1837

3. Josephus Melanchton Crow b. Nov. 9, 1839 German Twp. D, 8 Apr 1884 Grand Ridge Il

Sp. Sarah Parshall Crow b. Jan. 14, 1844 German Twp m. 1864 d. Jan 17, 1925


3. Josiah Brown Crow b. Dec. 29, 1841 German Twp. D. 1928 Fayette Co.

Sp. Elizabeth McCombs Crow b. Dec. 29, 1841 German m. Feb. 8, 1866.d. Jan

4. Mary Alice Crow b. Nov. 16, 1866 German Twp. D May 17, 1867

4. Eliza Ann Crow Blaney b. Aug. 4, 1868 German Twp.

Sp. John Blaney b. 1866 Fayette Co m 1886

4. William Evan Crow b March 10, 1870 d. Aug. 2, 1922

Sp Adelaide Curry Crow b. 1871 c. 1944

5. Even Curry Crow b. 1898 d. 1946

5. William Evens Crow Jr.

5. Wayne Crow b. 1911 d. 1931

4. Arthur F. Crow b. April 22, 1878 c. bef. 1947

Sp. Edith Crow b. 1880 m. 1897

4. Elizabeth Crow Hubbard

4. J. Benton Crow (Cy) b. 1917 d. 1977

4. Frank R. Crow d. Bef. 1947

2. Alexander Crow b. Marach 17, 1806 d. .Feb. 18, 1887 Judge Crow buied Old Frame

Sp. Sarah Hustead Crow. B. Sept. 28, 1811 d. Oct 7, 1889

3. Isaac Crow b. March 28, 1840 d. June 1, 1899

Sp Delilah A. Clemmer Crow b. April 11, 1838 d. March 1,1912

4. Alpheus W. Crow

4. Mary Crow Robinson.

Sp. Mr. Robinson

4. Isaac Crow

4. Hustead Crow

Sp. Maude Cunningham

5. Virginia

5. Manila

5. Helen

5, Dewey

4. Hannah Crow b. 1874 m. July 2, 1895

Sp. Clark Swogger

4. Frank Crow

4. Melissa Crow

Sp Mr. Hugland

4. Mariah Crow . B.1870 d. 1957

Sp. John Nicholls 1867

5. John Nicholls

Sp Unknown

6. Emanuel (Luke) Nichols Born Feb. 4, 1921 d April 1975 Sp Mona Slater b. Nov. 1908 d.1993

6. Ronald Nichols b. May 19,1940

Sp. Colleen Keliher b. Oct. 4, 1940

7. Darlene Nichols Dec. 18, 1967

5.Ethel (Stanechek) Nicholls

Sp George Stanechek 5. Norman

5. Rella Maurity b. 1892 d. 1929

Sp Mr. Maurity

6. Nellie Nichols McCann

Sp. Bruce McCann

7.Rella McCann

6. Merle Nichols

Sp. Alpha Lorraine Hardwick b. Feb. 4, 1920 d July 16, 1985

7.Richard Nichols

Sp. Mary Gleuge

8. Matthew Andrew

9. Elisabeth Karen

8. Nicole Elizabeth

Sp Ryan Water

9 Emma Nichols

6. Louise Maurity

6. Angelo Maurity

5. Violet Kronk Shimko Nichols May 1, 1912

Joe Kronk John Shimko

6. Frank

6. Kathryn William

6. Lila

6. Joseph James

6. John

6. Rose Maria April 4, 1944

Sp Shaffer

7. Todd Kirk Feb. 29, 1966

5. Margaret Nichols b 1914

Sp Homer Bennett

5. Emma Hodgson

Sp. Hodgson 5. Mildred

5.Homer Lilard Nichols b. March 7, 1916 d Nov. 28, 2001

Sp. Nellie Pearl Laughery b. April 1, 1915 d. June 10, 1993

6. Allen Homer Nichols May 21, 1938

6. Carol Ann Vargas July 22, 1943

6. Patrick Franklin Nichols. B.. May 29, 1945

6. Patricia Kay Liston b. May 29, 1945 Twin

6. Donald Wayne Nichols Oct. 8, 1947

6. Daryl Lee Nichols Jan. 20, 1952

5. Joseph

4. Lydia Sarah Crow Hicks b.1868

Sp. Jacob J. Hicks b. June 14, 1857 d March 14, 1927

5. Clara M Hicks Hess b Dec. 9, 1893 d April 1, 1932

Sp George Hess

5. Joseph T. Hicks Sr. b. Nov. 10, 1903 d April 7, 1968

Sp Lacey P. Braddee Hicks d June 1966

6. Joseph T. Hicks Jr.

6. Francis Hicks

6. Arlene Hicks Cale

Sp Wayne Cale

5. Mrs. Allen Goe Howard W. Va.

5. Mrs. J. W. Dizil Smithfield Pa

5. Beryl Hicks Butte Montana

5. Harry Hicks Fairchance

5. Isaac Hicks Continental No. 2

5. Jacob F. Hicks Fairchance

5. Floyd Hicks

5. Walter Hicks

5 Edgar Herbert Hicks b. Oct 17, 1905 d May 11, 1968

Sp. Rose Yauger Hicks

6. Earnest Hicks

6. Earl Hicks

6. Larry Hicks

5. Edna Ivey Hicks Victor

Sp. Russell Victor

5. Delila Hicks Teets

Sp. William M. Teets

6. Infant Teets b. Aug. 18, 1921 d Aug. 18, 1921

6. Charles L. Teets. B. May 9, 1923 d. May 11, 1923

5. Ivy Hicks Victor

Sp Russell Victor.

4. Manley

Sp Iva Cunningham

5. Isaac E Crow

5. Manley Crow Jr.

3. Alexander Crow b. March 28, 1842 d. Oct 12. 1863

3. Hannah Crow b. 1844 d. 1865

3. Alpheus

3. Elizabeth

3. Frances

3. Mary

2. Elizabeth M. Crow b. 1804

2. Kate Crow b. 1806

2. Michael Crow b. 1808

2. Nathaniel Crow b. Nov 30, 1812 Springhill Twp d. Nov. 25, 1862 buried Old Frame

Sp.. Elizabeth Brown Crow b. Dec 15, 1820 d. Aug 23. 1891

3. Sarah Crow b. 1843 Springhill Twp

3. Thompson Crow b. 1845 Springhill Twp.

3. H annah Crow b. 1846

3. Writh Crow b. 1851

3. Bigler Crow b. 1853

3. Eugenia Crow b. 1853 Springhill Twp.

3. Mary Eurith Crow Hixenbaugh

Sp. Thomas Hixenbaugh Pvt. B.. Jan. 23, 1841 Perry Twp. D. Sept. 26, 1885

4. Chester Hixenbaugh b. Jan 28, 1887 Perryopolis PA

4. Charles H Hixenbaugh b. May 3, 1890 Perryopolis d Sept 16, 1891

3. Chester Crow b. 1856 Springhill d. Nov. 28, 1862 Springhill Twp.

3. Lizzie Crow Cottom b. 1860 Springhill Twp

Sp. Adam Clark Cottom b. Oct. 24, 1860 m 1882

2. Mary A. Crow b. 1814 Fayette Co.

2. Jacob Crow b. Aug. 30, 1815 German Twp d. Aug 31, 1901 Buried Old Frame

Sp Louis Gans Crow

3. George Crow b 1841 Springhill

3. Eliza A crow b 1843

3. Mary Crow b. 1845

3. Elroy Crow b. 1848

3. Marie Crow b. 1850

3. Nathaniel T Crow b. 1854


Well that’s the Crow family long and interesting. I have provided at the end some of the obituaries for review. That is all the obituaries I could find. I have also provided some pictures of the Crow family and one of Judge Alexander Crow’s house. You will also find the testimonial tributes to Senator Crow by the Fayette County Bar Assotition and the Pennsylvania House of Represenative and Senate. As I have stated before Geneolgy is always a work in progress and I will continue to research the Crow family more as I find more facts. As you can see it is a very large family just like the Wilsons. My key interests will be Isaac and Delilah Crow’s children. I’m interested and finding out more of who they married and where they ended up living. I had just about finished this section when I found one of Mariah Nicholls sister and to whom she was married. His name was Jacob Hicks and they had fourteen (14) children.































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