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The Shaneyfelt's or the correct way to spell it would be Schoenfeld

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The Shaneyfelt's or the correct way to spell it would be Schoenfeld
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The Shaneyfelt named is spelled 61 diffent ways. It is of German origan and I've traced it back to the 1500's to a town in Germany called Lipzeg.


When I started this little narrative I had one name in mind but just looking up the Loughery’s wouldn’t be fair the other side of grandmas family the Shaneyfelts. Lena Olive Shaneyfelt was born in York Run which is in Georges Twp. Fayette Co. One other family names keep surfacing in my investigation. The last name Livingston is in the Shaneyfelt Bible and I believe that they are the original owners of the Bible. It interesting that besides the name Emma Livingston in the front of the Bible she also wrote “Remember Me” She comes from a town called Percy PA in Fayette Co. I have never heard of the town and need to look it up.

The tree on this family had me fooled for a while because of a name written in the family Bible Henry Beck. I started researching this name and was getting nowhere. Another name in the bible Emma Livingstone wasn’t so hard. It was while I was in the index file that I notice the name Henry Beck Livingstone that I put two and two together and figured out he didn’t use his last name. It’s these little mistakes that can cause you a lot of time. Anyways to get to the Shaneyfelts’ You will see in the following paragraphs on the Shaneyfelt’s the different generational breakdowns and the original Shaneyfelt is believed to be Frederick Shenifelt which is derived from the German name Schonfeld. You have to put those two little dots over the O in Schonfeld to make it spelled right in German. That name goes all the way back to 1673. Look instead of me trying to explain it the easy way I’m now realizing that’s going to be impossible so here goes the long way. Again it’s only fair to grandma Mains to give her family history a good report just like the other families. One good thing about the Shaneyfelts they were all good Christians and regulars church going people because there were good church records for them. The Shaneyfelt name goes all the way back to 1577 in Kartmannsdorf Kirchberg, Zwickau Sachsen. That ‘ s somewhere in Germany near the Austria border.

You know for once I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place with this family because their roots go back so far and not to reveal them would be ashamed but I dread the work but when you start out to do something as my dad always said do it right or don’t do it at all. Anyways here goes.

The first record of a relative of the Shaneyfelt family that can be traced by a paper trail is Johannes Schoenfeld. He was born in 1632 in Hartmannsdorf, Leepzig, Sachsen. The own of Leipzig is best known as the place where Johann Sebastian Bach wrote most of his famous works. It has always been a town of commerce. Sachsen is a region in Germany located on the Elbe River . It is the Eastern most region of the German wine country know for it dry full flavored with a fruity acid taste. Johannes’s father was one Johannes (Hans) Schoenfeld) who was born on the 27 of Jan in 1607 in Hartmannsdorf Kirchberg, Zwickar, Sachsen. Germany. Why they use these long town names is beyond me but that is the way it’s recorded and I’m afraid if I leave something out it may be hard to trace something, so I’ll include it all. Johannes’s mother was Anna Lange born about 1612 and that’s all we have on her.

Johannes had five (5) children and they are as follows:

1. Johannes Heinrich Schoenfeld born Jan 3, 1673 in Germany

2. Martin Schoenfeld born Aug. 2, 1668 in Germany

3. Michael Schoenfeld born Sep 12, 1669

4. Christina Schoenfeld born 30 Sept. in Germany

5. Justina Schoenfeld born Apr 21 1671 in Germany

From that list I can’t tell which are male and which are female can you? Anyway we can be thankful that the first born Johannes Heinrich Schonfeld decided to seek wealth in the new world as they called it then. But first some brief history of the family is in order. As with the name Laughery having a meaning “Mountain Lake”. The name Schoenefeldt has a meaning also, which is “ Beautiful Fields.” Johannes Heinrich nickname was you guess it John Henry. The family grew up in the Germany-Silesia region of Germany. Nikolaus, Baron of Schonfeld, of the era pre 1644 of or near Prague is found in the region of Moravia or Bohemia of old Nether (or Lower) Silesia.

These are all region of Germany and Western Czechoslovakia. If you were to say the name Schonfeld in Czech you would say “Krasno” and there is a village of Krasno in Western Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. From people I have talk to doing this book regarding the Shaneyfelt name they have explain that there were numerous problems because of the difference in spelling and having experience the problem with the Laughery name I can sympathize with them. It is thought that the Schoenfeld came from the Zwichan area now part of Saxony, Germany. Let me explain these areas a little Germany is divided up into regions or areas well like our time zones or Northwest Region or Northwest Region. Example being Bavaria where the city Munich is located that is a region. It is usually associated with their weather or resources. Anyways in that region there are Schoenfeld family members in church records in Zwickau as early as 1550. Can you imagine that being able to go back that far in our family history. The earliest entry of these records was that of Matthaeus Schoenfelder’s marriage to Margaretha Schroedter on Feb 7, 1466 in Zwickau. Who knows it’s all more than probable that 2oo years later our Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Johannes Schoenfeld whose birth is recorded at the Hartmannsdorf Church in Zwickau, Saxony on Jan 3, 1673 born to Johannes Schoenfeld and Justina Zimmer. All the records indicated this to be true.

It had already been established that the two families Schoenfeld and Poet were from the Reichenback, Nether Silesia and Moravia is where the Schoenfeld family originated. The religious background of the people of the Silesian area was Protestant. The Lutheran church was predominant, but, with the Reformation, had come early origins of the Moravian Mennonite and the Schwenkfelder sects. There was a lot of religious turmoil at this time in history for that region thus the exodus to the New World. The Jesuits tried to forced conversion to what they called the true faith.

The Poets and Schoenfeld state that previously they had been Lutheran and had been persecuted by the Jesuits. In Zwickau, there are Lutheran church records which contain at least two Schoenfeld families with sons named Johannes Schoenfeld born in the 1670’s one of whom could be our Johannes Schoenfeld. Further research in this area, might contain a marriage record for Johannes Schoenfeld and Elizabeth Poet.

There is also an old tale of a priest and a nun marring, however there is no mention to such a romantic background made in the Poet and Schoenfeld letters. It would appear that the conversion from Catholic to Lutheran by the German ancestors of the family happened some 200 years before the family immigrated to Germany and then to America.

The letter-journal of the old Poet-Schoenfeld states that on Sept 22, 1731 there was a trip made by John and Elizabeth to Haarlem in the Netherlands. Two years later the Schoenfelds emigrated to America. While living in Haarlem, the document was written by Johannes Poet, Elizabeth Schoenfelds brother and signed on behalf of himself and his wife Elizabeth and sent out to their friends and family in their hometown region of Reichenbach. The Schoenfelds and the Poets were very secretive and careful, as they were afraid of imprisonment, They state that in their letter that they were not confirmed believers or members of any church and that they had their on individual beliefs. They referred to themselves as “High Germans” and that they had been invited to settle in many places on their travels through Germany, as they were by profession, “tailors of singular skill.”

More research was done and another letter was found by the Moravian Church that was sent by John Schoenfeld to a Germantown newspaper in 1742. This letter was well written and should infer something of the authors education. The letter was located in the Archives of Breslau (Wroclau) Poland, which was formerly part of Silesia. A microfilm copy of this document can be found in the United Stats Library of Congress. The towns that they fled to are known and they did this because of religious persecution. They were invited personally to stay at the Saxony estate of Herrnhut, by Count Zinzendorf, the later day founder of the Moravian Church. They soon wore out there welcome there because they would not join or conform to his church or beliefs so they were on the run again. This time they ended up in the Netherlands . It was from here they set sail on the 18 of Sep 1733 on the “Pennsylvania Merchant” of London . John Stedman was the Captain from Rotterdam.

They didn’t use there real name on the ship manifest on it they were listed as Johan Shoenvelet and Elizabeth Shoenvelden and arrived with the Schwenkfelder Second Migration. At the time of their arrival they still didn’t belong to any church so they joined the German Reformed Church. By the way all his sons that followed him late to America joined the same church. Our direct link Frederick Seinfeld being one of them. Johannes was by profession a tailor of singular skill. He was an educated person, very proud, and yet a very spiritual, humble man. I don’t think that I mention earlier the Johannes Schonfeld and Elizabeth Poet met and married in Silesia which today is Eastern Germany, Northern Czech Republic and Western Poland. They were married in 1710.

If you thought the Laughery name was bad on various spelling it can’t compare to the Shaneyfelt. There are at least 61 variant spelling of the surname. So with the Laughery, Wilson and Nicholls I got off easy I guess. John Henry Schonfeld and Elizabeth had five (5) children again one of them Frederick being our link to the family name and heritage. The children were:

1. Johannes Schonenfeld b: 1709 in Silesia, Saxony, Moravia, Germany

2. John Peter Schoenfeld b: Abt 1712 same as above

3. Frederick Shenifelt b: 1715 same as above

4. George Schoenfeldt b: 1730 same as above

5. William Shanefelt b: 1736 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co. Pennsylvania. Notice here that the name starts to take shape for what will eventually become Shaneyfelt.

My guess is and it make sense Frederick would have been 18 years old and on his own or left with grandparents and or other family back in Europe when his parents came to America . He wasn’t far behind them because he came over on the ship “St. Andrew Galley” that landed in American on the 26 of September in 1737 in Maryland. Old Frederick must have had some money because he purchase a large track of land and made a plantation out of it and called it “Castle Plains.” It was located near present day Hagerstown, Maryland. Again one thing must be remember that when they moved to the land near Hagerstown it was the frontier then. Baltimore and the town on the Chesapeake Bay were settled but the frontier was still a rough place to live. The Shaneyfelt’s are given credit in Maryland history for being in the forefront on settling the vast frontier. When he bought the land the French and Indian War was in going on and he had to end up quartering troops but that was good for him and his brothers because they were given credit for militia service to the country and it is recorded on colonial Maryland records , The book the Early Shanafelt Family by Laurel Shanafelt Powell records that Frederick Shenifelt was married to Mary Magdalena who was born in 1753. They were married in 1772. They were married in the First German Reformed Church Frederick Co. Hagerstown MD. But research has shown that she might not have actually been his wife. The wife that makes the most sense is a women named Mary Elizabeth Wescheback who also was of German extract and she was born on Jan 27, 1746.

1. John Shenifelt b: 1768 in Castle Plains Hagerstown Maryland

2. Elizabeth Shanefelt b: 1770 I Hagerstown, Washington County Maryland

3. George Michael Schoenfeld b: 6 Jan 1773 Washington Co Maryland

4 Frederick Shenifelt B: 1775 in Washington Co Maryland

5. Catherine Shenifelt b: Abt 1775 in Maryland

6 Margaret Shenifelt b: Abt 1775 in Maryland

7. Eve Mary Shanefelt b: 19 Mar.1779 in Hagerstown, Washington Co Maryland

8. Mary Shenifelt b: Abt 1781 in Maryland

His profession was listed as a farmer and died at the age of 70 at his plantation “Castle Plains” on the Conococheaque river southwest of Hagerstown Maryland. He was only married 21 years so he got married when he was 49. He left a very extensive will which was probated on Aug 23, 1783 it was written on 29 July 1783 and registered at Hagerstown Court House. In the will he mention his wife Mary, his plantation, George Shenifelt, my brother Michael, Frederick, Mary ,Catharine, Margaret, Eve. He gave the largest part of his estate to his eldest son John, born in 1768 (who married Rosanna

Miller) a smaller portion to his daughter Elizabeth. He also states in the will “ Also I give devise and bequeath into my Eldest son John Shenifelt, his heirs and Assigns all

the tract or parcel of land and houses thereon whereon I now live called “Best of Castle Plains. “ It was said the total parcel contained 114 acres more or less.

The daughter Elizabeth marriage in 1789 to her cousin John born 1766 son of William of Rock Hall, Hagerstown. William continued making land purchases along the Antietam Creek in the Lieterburg District on the northeast edge of Hagerstown, calling his holding which total 302 acres a “Rock Hall” in 1806, bonded these two lineages of the Shanafelt family firmly together. Frederick had also purchased land from his brother George named “Dear Bought” whether it was a high price a poor piece of land or perhaps it was just more valuable that Frederick had imagined and thought that his brother would give him a break.

It would be only fair to tell what happened to some of the other children of Frederick Schoenefeldt because they were real pioneers. George Michael ended up in York Co Pa in the York town area. He was will 100 lbs by his father which was a lot of money at the time and he used it to become a wheat farmer. He also planted and tended Grapes. His grapes were used to produce wine. He married a Catharine Kock who was born abt. 1714 and they had four children listed in the tree to follow. George died sometime after 1811 in York Pa.

John Shanafelt and no I’m not misspelling the name, this is the different ways even members of one family spelled their last name. John ended up in Ohio where what we now call Mohoning Co. His was one of the earliest settlers in that area. He married a Rosanna Miller b: 1 Feb 1772 and she died 2 Jun 1837 and year before John. John kept this women busy because he had 12 children. What was odd Rosanna had two sets of identical twin boys listed later in the family tree. Now we know where all the twins come from don’t we.

Catherine Shenefelt one of Fredreich daughter married a George Geyer who was born on 4 Mar 1774 and died on 22 Spt 1848 in Ohio. They had seven (7) children again listed later. She died on 14 Spt 1839 and is buried somewhere in and around Muskingum Co. Ohio.

Eve Shenefelt again was born in Hagerstown on 10 Mar 1779 and died 19 Mar 1848 in Wolfsville Pa. She was married in 1803 to Ludwick Protzman who was born on 16 Feb. 1783. Don’t know when he died. They had three (3) children.

Of course we know where Frederick Shenifelt ended up along with the sister Margaret we know she married her cousin and stayed on the farm.

Now I not entirely sure what transpired and a lot of what I say is just good old speculation the facts are true but the order in which they happened is confusing. After Frederick died everyone started moving around. I guess again it was the old “Go West Young Man Go West Syndrome” but west they did go. Some not to farm like Frederick Shanafelt Jr. the father of George Shaneyfelt our G-G-G Grandfather. Old Frederick made it as far as Rostrataver Twp. Then he moved to Westmoreland Co. and finally in

1830 ended up in Fayette Co where work as a farmer. There is no record as to who he was married to or a least any record that we could find. We do know that he had 5 children and they were:

1. George B Shanafelt b: 24 Oct. 1806, He died on 19 May 1864

2. Martha Shenifelt b: 1801 d: 1810

3. Mellie Eleanor Shenifelt b: 1804

4. Anna Sheinfelt b: 1801 d: 1810

5. John Shaneyfelt b: 1815,

Now I won’t at this time include the entire family tree I will put it in at the end of the chapter. Of the children listed above George would be of importance to us because he is our Great-Great-Great_Grandfather. He is the father of John Shaneyfelt who is the father of Othoniel Shaneyfelt my Grandmother Mains’ father. There doesn’t seem to be much history of the family after they moved to Fayette County in that I mean they all settled down to there trads and skills . Most were coal miners or electricians. Some drove trucks for a living.

George Shaneyfelt one of Frederick Sheniefelt son was born in Bowman, Flatwoods which is near Perryopolis in Fayette Co Pa. He was born on Oct. 24, 1806 and was married to Elizabethe Underwood before 1828. Elizabeth Underwood was born on Aug 8, 1808 in Flatwoods also. They had 10 children one set of twins Joshua and Rebecca born Aug 8, 1839. The other children will be listed in the tree. One of his children was John Shaneyfelt the father of Othniel. His last will and testament was drawn up and sign on the 227 of April 1864 about 20 days before he died. It was an interesting will and here are some excerpts .

“In the name of God Amen, I George Shaneyfelt of Franklin Township, Fayette Co of the State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore swear, ordain, publish and declare this t0 be my last will and testament . I give to my beloved wife Elizabeth my span of mares together with two sets of harnesses, my best-two-horse wagon, one plow, and one harron together with two cows of her choice and six sheep of her choice and two hogs. And further I give to my wife all my household good, or such part of them she may see proper to keep and also ten bushels of corn, twenty bushels of wheat and what bacon I have on hand, also my windmill and the resifue of my personal property.

Item 2nd I give and bequeath to my wife all my real estate al long as she remains my widow, Except - the house and lot on the East corner of my farm on which my son John Shaneyfelt and further I authorize and empower my Executrors to make and execute a deed of conveyance in my name to my son John for the aforesaid parcel of my real estate. He then goes on the describe what is to happen after his wife dies and that was to dispose of all his property and settle all his debths and devide what ever was left over equally among all his children.

Again the son John who was left the house on the farm is Othniel Shaneyflet’s my Grandmother Mains father. Now come the hard part the later generations are accutally harder to follow because they tended to move around more then the pioneers did. John

Shaneyfelt married a Miss Elizabeth Underwood who was born on the 8th of Aug. 1808 and died on April 5, 1894. She is buried in the Flatwoods Cemetety in Fayette Co Pa. John and Elizabeth had 8 children and I think I’ll list them so you can get an idea of where they ended up moving to:

1.Joseph Montgomery Shanerfelt b: 15 Feb 1857 in flatwood married Frances Mahala Orbin July 2, 1878 in Broadford, Dunbar Twp in Fayette Co. Pa. She was born 1 Jan 1859 in Broadford Dunbar Twp . Joe died on Nov 28, 1922 in Marquette Hamilton Co NE. She also died in Hamilton Country NE on Apr. 14, 1961 Yes she was 102 years old when she died.

2. Celestina Shaneyfelt b: 1859 died Abt. 1960 she lived to be 99

3. Jennie Rebecca Shaneyfelt b: Jan 1, 1861 Fayette Co died in Oct of 1950 in Oklahoma She was married to Joseph Bush aft 1880. They had three children listed later.

4. Nora Narcissa Shaneyfelt. B: Mr 12, 1861 Fayette Pa. M: Josiah Decker Stillwagon Bef 1883 in Riceslanding Pa. Josiah was born on Jun 76, 1860 and died Oct 29, 1931. He was born in Braodford Pa. They had eight children listed later.

5. Mary Margaret Shaneyfetl b: 1869 again Fayette Co. She also married a Stillwagon

6. Henry B. Shaneyfelt b: 1871 Fayette Co. d: Jan 22, 1944. Looks like he followed Joseph out to Neberska because he married a Amanda somebody who was born on Feb 22, 1871 and died on July 16, 1963 both died in Neberska.

7. Emaline Shaneyfelt b: 1875 not much know about her except she was married to a Frank Jones

8. Othonied Shaenfelt b: March 12, 1865 in Frost Station died May 23, 1918 in Fayette Co . Buried in the Maple Grove cemetery in Fairchance. Of course we should all know by now that Othoniel is the father of Lena Olive Shaneyfelt my grandmother.

Othoniel Shaneyfelt born April 5, 1866 in Frost Station Pa he died on my birthday May 29, 1918. He married Jennie Harned on April 2, 1887 she was 18, he was 21 he listed his occupation on the marriage license as coalminer she listed no occupation. I have really had a hard time with Jennie’s parents which were William and Mary Harned and the only way I found this was on their marriage license. I do know they were from West Virginia. Othoniel parents and grandparents are well documented as I will show later.

Othoniel mother was Sarah Jane L (Livingston) Shaneyfelt born on April 2, 1839 in Flatwoods Pa. and died on May 19, 1918 in Dawson PA. She is the Livingston tie to the family. Her fathers name was Othoniel Livingston Sr. born about 1817 in Broadford PA and died Sept. 30, 1894 in Franklin Twp Fayette Co. PA. I just wonder if the place where Othoniel Sr. was born is suppose to be Bedford PA. and this is another case of misspelling by the person doing the data input.

I know that Othaniel Sr. father’s name was George Livingston born 1795 died in 1850 and the mother’s name was Huldah Donnelley born in 1796 died in 1864. Thank God for the Mormon site because it got me straight on Othaniel mother I had her originally as Jennie Russell who was born in 1864 and died in 1934 and as you can tell by the dates that would not of worked but this was information put in the data bank in the Uniontown Library by someone I have since corrected it. Othoniel Senior’s wife was

Margarette G. (Gilleland) Livingston born about 1822 Fayette Co PA and died on Aug 5, 1848. Here again another name surfaces Thomas Gilleland born 1798 died June 1835 and Jane Hunter born Nov. 5, 1787 died Jan. 13, 1859.I don’t think I even want to get into the Gilleland side maybe later.. Othoniel Sr. was married twice and had listed as follows:


Margaret May 27, 1848

Hudly March 4, 1847

Thomas July 10, 1848




Jane March 19,

Jennie Harned Shaneyfelt wife of Othoniel Shaneyfelt was born Dec. 5, 1868 and died July 9, 1936. It’s her family that I can’t find anything information on. This is probably due to the fact that she was from West Virginia and guess what most of the old information that was archived burnt up in a fire at the Morgantown WV library several years ago so it’s going to be difficult to locate any good factual information on he family tree which disappoints me. All I was able to find out was her dad’s name was William and mother’s was Mary. She lived to be 70 and her obituary states on her death she had thirty grandchildren and six great grandchildren. The marriage of Othoniel and Jennie produced 8 offspring. Listed below by date of birth:

1.William Henry Shaneyfelt Dec 5, 1868 died after mine accident of blood poisoning

2.John Levis Shaneyfelt Aug 30, 1889 Killed truck accident

3.Lena Olive Shaneyfelt Nov. 2 1892 July 15, 1961 Killed in car accident

4.Hugh Lawrence Shaneyfelt March 7, 1895 Dec 28, 1968

Children were Robert, Thomas, Charles, John Wife was Grace Gaskill 1905 died Feb. 2, 1971

5.Peter Franklin Shaneyfelt June 12, 1897

6.Hazel Shaneyfelt Sept. 6 1899

7.Edward Shaneyfelt May 20, 1904

8.Harry Shaneyfelt Sept. 5, 1906

I will not begin to go into all the families of the Shaneyfelts. I don’t even know if there is anyone left living to carry on the name since John Shaneyfelt recently died in 2005. I know Uncle Pete had children by a first marriage but I don’t know if they use the family name. Othaniel is buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Fairchance PA. I have found his grave but haven’t located Jennie’s grave yet which is suppose to be there also. I did work with a Thomas Shaneyfelt at SCI Green from Clarksville PA and from some of the talks we had I’m fairly sure we are related because his dad was related to my Great Uncle Pete Shaneyfelt. I have a gentlemen from Kettering Ohio by the name of Freddie W. Shaneyfelt I want to contact about the Shaneyfelt name he seems to have done a lot of research on the name and is interested in located anyone from Western Pennsylvania who might be related. His father was a Charles Shaneyfelt born in Springfield Ohio in 1916. Some of his ancestors have the same names as ours and come from the same places in colonial times. I’ll report on this as I get the information.

Uncle Pete Shaneyfelt was really the only Shaneyfelt that I really got to know because he use to cut our hair when we were little. I think it use to cost my dad .25 cents a head. He always lived with Glades Jacobs. They finally got married when he was about sixty five (65) years old. I think it had something to do with the IRS and who would get the money. Now I had thought that Uncle Pete was married before and I finally track down the information. In the 1920 census he was living in Fairchance with the Mc Ginnis family. The head of the house was Anna so evidently she was widowed. She was fifty four (54) in the 1920 census. It only list one daughter Katherine then and she was just born. His wife’s name was Rose. Rose was born in 1902. He later shows up on the 1930 census living in Fredericktown PA Washington County. He stayed with Rose at least 10 years because she was still living with him in 1930. He was busy because he had two more children by then and they were Raymond and Norma J. Raymond was born in 1922 and Norma was only two years six months old being born in 1928. You know while you typing your thinking and now I do recall at Uncle Pete’s funeral his son did come and so did his wife and son so I went looking for information and to my dismay his son Raymond is also dead. Raymond lived in Baltimore Maryland and died on June 17, 1994. His wife’s name was Betty and they had one son by the name of Arthur who was born on Feb. 23, 1947. I said to myself finally a Shaneyfelt born in the forties who I could contact about some pictures. Well was I disappointed to find that Arthur Shaneyfelt passed away on may 3, 2001 also in Baltimore Maryland. My last chance at a picture of Othoniel Shaneyfelt or Jennie Harned. Also a chance to find the missing page from the Bible that Uncle Pete took when the Bible was in Grandma Mains’ possession.

As you can see the Schoenfelt were a large a traveling family. I didn’t bother to put the service records in but a lot of them answered the call during the Civil War and WWI and WWII and one was decorated with the Air Medal for service from 1965 to 1971. Now this award was presented with six (6) clusters and my knowledge of service medals mean he serves at least 7 tours in South Vietnam which is a long time. He is listed as an Advisor so that could mean anything from training troops to working in the Embassy.

As I promised the tree from Frederick Shaneyfelt the one born in 1775 is posted after this final paragraph. It not really ironic but I recall something that Vicky Leonelli said to me once when I was doing research in the Uniontown Library. She Pat you are really lucky and I ask he why her response was. “ You have such a fantastic genealogy background one that most people would envy”. “I can only go back to the 1920 with my family which came from Italy you go back to before the Revolutionary War“. “ And they were all such well know and respected people on all sides of your family”. I guess now that look back on this book that she is right I did not expect to run into the people I ran into in the journals and files that I went through. There is nothing to my mind better then a walk in the past. Studying our past is how we improve on the future. So I have one more chapter to go and that’s the Nicholls and that’s going to be the hardest.







1. Othoniel SHANEYFELT was born 12 MAR 1865 in Fayette County, PA, and died 23 MAY 1918. He was buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Fairchance Pa. He was the son of 2. John S. Shaneyfelt and 3. Sarah Jane Livings He married Jennie HARNED on 2 APR 1887.

Generation No.2

2. John S. SHENEYFELT was born APR 1834 in Perryopolis, Fayette Co., PA, and died 12 FEB 1904 in Franklin Twp, Fayette Co. PA. He was buried in Bowman Flatwoods Cemetery, Flatwoods, Pa. He was the son of 4. Geo-me SHANEYFELT and 5. Eli~Clbeth UNDERWOQD.

3. Sarah Jane LIVIGGSTON was born 2 APR 1839 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and died 19 MAY 1920 in Dawson, Fayette County, PA. She was buried in Bowman Flatwoods Cemetery, Flatwoods, Pa. She was the daughter of 6. Othniel LIVINGSTON and 7. Marga.rette .GILLE.LAND.

Children of Sarah Jane LIVINGSTON and John S. SHANEYFELT are:


1. Joseph Montgomery SHANEYFELT was born 15 FEB 1857 in Flatwood, Franklin Township,

Fayette Co, Pennsylvania, and died 28 NOV 1922 In Marquette, Hamilton County, NE. He married Frances Mahala ORBIN 2 JUL 1878 in Broadford, Dunbar Township, Fayette County, PA, daughter of Henry ORBIN and Frances STRICKLER. She was born 1 JAN 1859 in Braodford, Dunbar Township, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania, and died 14 APR 1961 In Hamilton County, NE.

2.. Celestina Shaneyfelt was born 1859, and died Abt 1960.

3. Jennie Rebecca SHANEYFELT was born 1 JAN 1861 In Franklin, Fayette, Pennsylvania, and diedOCT 1950 in Oklahoma. She married Joseph BUSH Aft 1880.

4. Nora Narcissa SHANEYFELT was born 12 MAR 1865 In Flatwoods, Franklin, Fayette,

Pennsylvania, and died 3 AUG 1943 in Point Marion, Springhill Township, Fayette County, PA.

She married Josiah Decker STlLl.WAGON Bef 1883 in Rice's Landing, Palmer, PA, son of John STILLWAGON and Elizabeth STRICKLER. He was born 7 JUN 1860 in Broadford, Fayette County, PA, and died 20 OCT 1931.

5. Mary Margaret SHANEYFELT was born 21 OCT 1869 in Franklin, Fayette, Pennsylvania. She

married Frank STIllWAGON.

6.. Henry B. SHANEYFELT was born 1871 in Franklin, Fayette, Pennsylvania, and died 22 JAN 1944

In Hamilton County, NE. He married Amanda. She was born 22 FEB 1871, and died 16 JUL 1963

in Hamilton County, NE.

7. Emaline SHANEYFELT was born 1875. She married Erank_Jones

8. OthonieLSHANEYFELT was born 12 MAR 1865 in Fayette County, PA, and died 23 MAY 1918. He married Jannie Harned 2 APR 1887

Generation No.3

4. Georgg SHANEYFEL T was born 24 OCT 1806 in Bowman Flatwoods, Flatwoods, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, and died 19 MAY 1864 in Bowman Flatwoods, Flatwoods, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. He was buried 1864 in Flatwoods Cemetery, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. He was the son of 8. Frederick SHENIFELT and 9.Unkoown.

5. Elizabeth UNDERWOOD was born 8 AUG 1808 in Bowman Flatwoods, Flatwoods, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, and died 5 APR 1894 in Bowman Flatwoods, Flatwoods, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. She was buried 1894 in Flatwoods Cemetery, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania.

Children of Elizabeth UNDERWOOD and George SHANEYFELT are:

1. . Mary Ann SHANEYFEL was born 9 SEP 1828 in Perryopolis, Fayette Co., PA, and died 27 MAY

1916 in Pennsylvania. She married Samuel CARR NOV 1852, son of Samuel CARR and Martha.

He was born 25 MAY 1825, and died 29 MAR 1897 in Perry Twp, Fayette Co., PA.

2. Charity SI::I8N-.EYfELT was born 1829/1833 in Perryopolis, Fayette County, PA, and died Bef 1844

in Perryopolis, Fayette County, PA.

3. Elihu SHANEYFELT was born 1829/1833 in Perrryopolis, Fayette County, PA, and died Bef 1844

in Perrryopolis, Fayette County, PA.

4. John S. SHANEYFELT was born APR 1834 in Perryopolis, Fayette Co., PA, and died 12 FEB 1904 in Franklin Twp, Fayette Co. PA. He married S9rah Jane LIVINGSTON1855 in Flatwoods, Franklin Township, Fayette County, PA, daughter of Othniel LIVINGSTON and Margarette GILLELAND. She was born 2 APR 1839 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and died 19 MAY 1920 in Dawson, Fayette County, PA.

5 . Henry S SHANEYFELT was born 1836 in Perryopolis, Fayette County, PA, and died Bef 1930.

6 . Joshua N SHANEYFELT was born 8 AUG 1839 in Perryopolis, Fayette Co., PA, and died 12 NOV

1932 in Warrensburg, Johnson County, MO. He married HarriettLAnn HARRIS 23 OCT 1874 in

Brownsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She was born 1845 in Perrryopolis, Fayette County, PA.

7 . Rebecca SHANEYFELT was born 8 AUG 1839 in Bowman Flatwoods, Flatwoods, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, and died 1870/1880. She married Ephriam LYNCH Bef 27 APR 1864. He was born 19 NOV 1833 in Pennsylvania, and died 12 SEP 1899.

8. Nathan M SHANEYŁELT was born 14 FEB 1842 in Perrryopolis, Fayette County, PA, and died 6 MAR 1930 in Warrensburg, Johnson County, MO. He married Elizabeth LOGAN 17 SEP 1868 in Warren Co., MO, daughter of Amariah LOGAN and Sarah HALL. She was born 29 FEB 1848 in Warrren County, Missouri, and died in Warrensburgh, Johnson County, Missouri.

9. George_SHANEFELT was born 1845 in Perryopolis, Fayette Co., PA, and died Aft 1930 in Probably Missouri. He married Amanda ARISON 7 OCT 1869, daughter of George ARISON and Susanna. He married Jennie S? She was born 1842 in Pennsylvania.

10. Elizabeth SHANEYFELT was born 1848 in Perrryopolis, Fayette County, PA, and died Aft 1930 in

Smock, Fayette County, PA. She married John CHESSLER Aft 1863.

6. OTHNIEL LIVINGSTON was born 2 NOV 1817 in Menallen Twp.Fayette Co.Pa, and died 30 SEP 1894 In Fayette Co. Pennsylvania. He was buried in BOWMAN FLATWOODS CEM Flatwoods, Fayette Co. PA.

7. MARGARETTE GILLELAND was born Abt 1821/1822, and died 5 AUG 1848.


Child of Margarette GILLELAND and Othniel LIVINGSTON is:

3 1 . Sarah Jane Livingston was born 2 APR 1839 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and died 19 MAY 1920 in Dawson, Fayette County, PA. She married John S. SHANEYFELT 1855 in Flatwoods, Franklin Township, Fayette County, PA, son of George SHANEYFELT and Elizabeth UNDERWOOD. He was born APR 1834 in Perryopolis, Fayette Co., PA, and died 12 FEB 1904 in Franklin Twp, Fayette Co. PA.

Generation No.4

8. Frederic:k SHENIFELT was born 1775 in Washington Co., Maryland. He was the son of 16. Frederick SHENIFELT and 17. MARY ELIZABETH WESCHEBACH

9. Unknowon

Children of Unknown and Frederick SHENIFELT are:

4. i. George SHANEYFELT was born 24 OCT 1806 in Bowman Flatwoods, Flatwoods, Fay~, Pennsylvania, and died 19 MAY 1864 in Bowman Flatwoods, Flatwoods, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. He married ELIZABETH UNDEBWOOD Bef 1828. She was born 8 AUG 1808 in Bowman Flatwoods, Flatwoods, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, and died 5 APR 1894 in Bowman Flatwoods, Flatwoods, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania.


3. NELLIE ELEANOR SHEINAFELT was born 1804 in PA. She married CALEB G. MOREHEAD. son of

Alexander MOREHEAD and Sophia. He was born 1800 in PA, and died 9 DEC 1870 in Rostraver,

Westmoreland, PA.


5. John SHANEYFELT was born 1815 in Pennsylvania. He married Sarah VERNER.

Generation No.5

16. FREDERICK SHENIFELT was born 1715 in Silesia, Saxony, Moravia, Germany, and died 1787 in Castle Plains, Hagerstown, Maryland. He was the son of 32. Johannes Hans Heinrich SCHONFELDT and 33.ELIZAABETH POET

17. MARY ELIZABETH WESCHEBACH was born 27 JAN 1746, and died in Somerset Co., Pa. She was the

daughter of 34. Johan Henrich WESCHENBACH and 35. Elizabeth WUERFFEL.

Children of Mary Elizabeth WESCHEBACH and Frederick SHENIFELT are:

1. John SHENIFELT was born 1768 in Castle Plains, Hagerstown, Maryland, and died 10 NOV 1838

in Beaver Township, Mahoning Co., Ohio. He married Rosanna MILLER Bef 1790. She was born

2 JAN 1772 in JERSEY ISLAND, and died 6 FEB 1837 in Beaver Township, Mahoning Co, OH.

2. Elizabeth SHENEFELT was born 1770 in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, and died 23 MAY 1841 in Wilmore, Cambria Co, Pennsylvania. She married John SHENEFELT 1789 in Blair Co, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, son of William SHANEFEL T and Ann Margaret GESSINGER. He was born 1766 -in Hagerstown, Washington Co. Maryland, and died 30 NOV 1837 in Wilmore, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania.

3. George Michael SCHOENFELD was born 6 JAN 1773 in Washington Co., Maryland. He married

Catharine KOCH.

4. Frederick SHENIFELT was born 1775 in Washington Co., Maryland. He married Unknown.

5. Catherine SHENIFELT was born Abt 1777 in Maryland, and died 14 SEP 1839 in Muskingum Co., OH, USA. She married George GEYER, son of Johann Casper GEYER and Mary Catherine HILL. He was born 3 APR 1774 in Rostraver Twsp, Westmoreland County, PA, and died 22 SEP 1848 in Muskingum Co., OH.

6. Margaret SHENIFELT was born Abt 1775 in Maryland.

7. EVA MARY SHENEFELT was born 19 MAR 1779 in Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland, and died 19 MAR 1848 in Wolfsville, Pennsylvania. She married Ludwick PROTZMAN UNKNOWN in Unknown. He was born 16 FEB 1783 in Washington, Maryland, and died 19 AUG 1835 in Washington, Maryland.

8. Mary SHENIFELT was born Abt 1781 in Maryland.