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A brief history only because the Wilson history and tree is very long



The history of the Wilson family goes back to the North of Ireland and to the Historic battle of the Boyne. Originally a Scottish family, the Wilson’s had prior to 1690 settled in the County Cavan, Ireland where Thomas Wilson, an officer in King William’s (William Of Orange) army. He had a residence and an extensive bleaching green within a mile of Coote Hill, not far from the county town. Thomas Wilson was at the head of his command, and was one the first to cross the River Boyne on the morning of July 1, 1690 when William of Orange defeated the Irish Papists. He rendered his king an important military service there and elsewhere. The only son of Thomas Wilson, Hugh, is the earliest mention of the name Hugh Wilson found, It occurs many times after that, with every generation having at least one son.

The background of the Battle of the Boyne is this: William III, a Calvinist. (This is a religious belief) became the ruling King of England. He had thrown out King James II who fled to Scotland where he had a lot of support among the Highlanders of the north and West. At the Battle of Killiekrankie the Jacobits ( The supporters of King James) defeated William’s troops. In Ireland the resistance to the rule of William was much greater. As most of the Irish were Roman Catholic, they tended to side with James II and raised an army on his behalf. Supporters of William were so few that unable to meet the Jacobits force in the open they took refuge in the fortified city of Londonderry. When James laid siege to this city, the defenders held out for over a hundred days before a small English fleet forced its way up the river to relieve the city and break the blockade. In 1690 King William III went to Ireland. At the Battle of the Boyne, his troops scattered the Irish army leaving them confused and in disarray. This forced James to flee in undignified haste and take a ship to France where he remained in exile.

According to the histories now available, the most likely early ancestor of the Wilson family was John Wilson who landed in Virginia from Ireland, He left Virginia in 1788 and came to Fayette County where he occupied a 200 acre tract bought for him by his sons, Hugh and John living respectively in Allegheny County and Perry Township where they had been living for some time. Now your probably wondering how did Hugh and John get here and where did they come from. Well if you research the passenger and Immigration lists index there was a Hugh (no age listed) who landed in Charles Town S.C. in 1767. There was also a John Willson age 17 who landed in Charles Town SC in 1767. No I did not make a mistake and spell the name wrong some of the Wilson spelled the name with to L’s just like the Nicholls. It was later dropped. There was another John Willson age 12, in the same year. There was also s James Willson age 16 who landed in Charles Town SC in 1767.




The tract of land bought for John Willson by his sons, Hugh and John. Consisted of 200

acres and lay on the line between Westmoreland and Fayette Counties. Again remember the year there was only Westmoreland county then I only use Fayette for a reference point. The land was bought from a Jones family and it had one house on the property. John Willson moved his family into that house but in 1804 he built a better log house for his family. Three sons came with John to Pennsylvania and they were James, Robert, and David. James died in Washington in 1827. Robert moved to Ohio and David stayed on the property and died there in 1863 at the age of ninety. He had lived on the property for 75 years. John the father died in 1807 at 82. A point of interest three of John’s sons Hugh, John, and Robert served in the Revolutionary Army.

Now I’m rally going to confuse you but it will make sense later I hope. In researching the 1790 census you’ll find a Jacob Wilson living in Georges Twp. He listed himself as head of the household and one son over 16 . Six sons under 16, and 2 females. In the early censuses they didn’t ask for family names just age and sex. In the same census there was also a John Wilson living in Washington Township, Fayette county. He listed four males over 16 no male under 16 and one female. Now in the 1800 census there was a Hugh Wilson listed in Washington Twp with two males 16-26 one male over 45 and one female 16-26 years and one female over 45. In the same census John Willson. John Willson Jr. and David Wilson all were heads of households in Washington Twp.

In some other research there was a John A Wilson who was probably a grandchild of John Willson who was a prominent farmer in Allegheny County. He had one son named Zacchaus. He was born in Elizabeth Township Allegheny County on September 29, 1829 and was married to a Jemima Harris of Perry Twp. They had seven children listed as follows:

1. William L was a miner in Fayette City.

2. Charles died in infancy.

3. John A was an undertaker (he was 9 when his father died). When he was young he worked for farmers for his room and board cloths, and schooling. He learned the tinners trade and married a Miss. Anna Pfleghardt and they had one son Albert Benjamin. He died at the age of three. John A was a tinner until 1888 . He then bought the business that he worked for and sold it in 1895 and bought the undertaking business and a furniture store and combined the two business and ran them until his death.

4. David son of John Sr. had three children John R, Mary J, and James M.

5. James lived and died in Washington Twp in 1827. He had one son James born July 17, 1813. He was a retired Postmaster in Carrick Allegheny County. He was married to a Lady of Scottish descent and after retirement lived in Baldwin Township.

6. Harris P. was a miner in Fayette county. I know that is only 6 children but it all the information I could find. In the 1820 census there were several Wilson listed in Fayette county. There was an Alexander Jr. in Wharton Township. An Alexander in German Twp. In Washington Twp there were David and James.



William had eight sons and they were: David, Moses, Samuel,, born in 1790 and died1855. John born Aug 18, 1788 died 1849, Jacob, William and Hugh born August 19, 1799 and died July 20, 1882.

The John mention above was the father of James Wilson our great-great-great-grandfather. I’ll will repeat it John Wilson born on Aug 18, 1788 and died Feb 26, 1849. John’s wife was the former Dorcas Mayhorn born Oct 28, 1794 she died March 12, 1860.These were the parents of James Wilson born May 8. 1833 died Oct 31, 1910. James was married to Elizabeth Hugh who was born on Sept 10 1837 and died on Feb. 5, 1920. Elizabeth Hugh’s parents were Hiram Hugh born Aug 20, 1810 and died in 1860. Her mother was the former Rachel Huey born 1806 died 1860. I normally don’t do this but since I have the information it I’ll enter it and go back further in Elizabeth Hugh’s linage. Rachel Huey’s father was born in 1769 and died June 22, 1848. Hiram Hugh’s parents were Isaac Hugh born Feb. 12, 1771 and died July 29, 1844. Isaac’s wife was Mary Ann Todd born April 15, 1776 and died Feb. 10. 1858. That’s being able to go back fairly far. To make it easy to understand I’ll try explaining it this way. Ellen D. Wilson was my Great Grandmother so that would make Isaac Hugh my G-G-G-G-G-Grandfather. Understand now?

My Grandfather Laughery’s mother Ellen’s maiden name was Wilson. She was from Fairchance originally and her father’s name was James and her mother’s was Elizabeth Hugh Wilson. Now I’ll try and do my best to explain the Wilson line because it is longer then the Shaneyfelt and Laughery. If you visit the Maple Grove Cemetery in Fairchance you’ll see so many Wilson graves it will astound you and the trouble is most of them were related. Here are some of the family names that the Wilson married into.

Some name examples. Hugh, Martin, Laduca, Cunningham, Gates, Ryland, Moyer, Ridgeway, Shoaf, Thorpe, Hibbs, McNatt, Rhodes, Hoover, Smith, Johnson, Moyer, Sutton, Swaney, Soxman, Goldsboro, Cooley, and last but not least a name that start with the Laughery family Whetstone. Go figure. I was also able to clear up one other thing that was bothering me and that was Ellen middle name if you look on the tombstone it looks like Ellen O Laughery but in fact her middle initial was D. It stood for Dorcas. It was her great-great-grandmother name. I also find it interesting that the name Clemmer comes up again. My dad’s mother’s mother maiden name was Delilah Clemmer. The same Clemmers that married into the Wilson family were of the same bloodline that belong to my father’s grandmother. So it can truthfully be said that the Laughery and the Nicholls are related by marriage.

Ellen D Wilson Laughery married William Laughery when she was 19 in 1884. I deduce

this simply by using Lizzie’s birth date which was Sept 23,1884. Jack Laughery was the baby being born in 1891. Now Ellen’s dad was named James Wilson he was born on May 8, 1833 in Fayette Co. He died on Oct. 31, 1910 and is buried in Maple Grove Cemetary

Fairchance PA. He maried Elizabeth Hugh Wilson on Feb. 22, 1855. Elizabeth Hugh Wilson was born on Sept. 10, 1837 and died Feb. 5 1920. They had fourteen children two of which died in infancy. They other children are as follows:


1.Mary Margaret Wilson born Jan 25, 1856 died Nov. 7, 1893 she married Ezra Soxman on Nov 11, 1850. Ezera was gorn Oct. 17 1856 and died Nov. 7, 1893 he is burid in Masontown PA. Although not listed I believe they had at least two sons Elmer and Howard Soxman because they are listed as Pallbearers at Lizzie Laughery funeral. This is our connection to my classmate Sam Denny. His mother was Howard Soxman daughter.

2.William Hiram Wilson was born on Dec 14, 1857 d Sept. 18, 1927

Sp. Grace E. Baird b 1862 d 1931 she was the daughter of David A Baird and Elizabeth Ridgeway.

3.Hannah Wilson was born on Oct. 18, 1859 and died may 31, 1905 she was married to Ensley Ridgeway. I know of at least one son again because he was a pallbearer at Lizzie’s funeral. His name was Walter.

4.Jonathan H Wilson born Sept. 27, 1861 died June 30, 1920 he never married and is buried near his mother and dad in the Wilson plot in Maple Grove.

5.Ellen D Wilson my great Grandmother was born on July 31 1865 and died Aug. 14, 1913. As you know she was married to William Laughery on or about 1884 and they had three children:

1. Lizzie Born Sept 28, 1884 Died Dec 8, 1904

2. Clydie Jan 24, 1886 Died Nov 6, 1900

3. Jonathan born 1891 died 1928

Sp Lena O. Shaneyfelt b 1892 d 1962 m Dec 19, 1910

1. Clarence Laughery May 28, 1911

2. Bertha E Laughery Oct. 12, 1913

3. Nellie P. Nichols April 4, 1915

4. Gwendolyn Laughery Sept. 24, 1916

5. Kathryn E. Laughery Nov 12, 1917

6. Jonathan Laughery March 14, 1923

I won’t bother to list all of Jonathan and Ellen’s grandchildren and generation after that because they are listed in Chapter 1 of the Laugherys.

6.James Russell Wilson born Sept. 29, 1863. He died on Jan 8, 1946 at the age of 83. They had eight children (8)

Sp. Jane Elizabeth Goldsboro Wilson who was born on Feb.9, 1869 and died June 3 1962 at the age of 93.

1.Richard Newton Wilson born April 1,1886 d June 13 1944

Sp. Sallie F Farrell b March 24, 1884 d Nov. 22, 1961.

1.Gilbert Francis Wilson b June 13, 1916 d May 30,1939

2.Leonard Wilson b Jan 9, 1921 in White House PA d Jan 2000 Sp. Beatrice L Victor Wilson b Jan 9, 1921 d. Jan 2000 in

1.Brenda Joyce Wilson Martin No spouse listed

1. Matthew Wilson Martin

2. Kendra Beth Martin

Sp Charles Laduca

2. James Guy Wilson b Oct 3, 1888 Fairchance April 22, 1981

Sp. Anna Mae Stewart d. June 14, 1971

3. Ada Pauline Wilson Endsley b July 6, 1891 d Aug 17, 1953

Sp Frank Endsley b 1883

4. William Hugh Wilson b Sept 7, 1900 Fairchance d Feb. 2 1938

Sp. Enda Minerd William

1.William Wilson

2. Robert Wilson

5.George Wilson Jr. b. 1904

6.Russell M. Wilson b. 1906 m June 15, 1929

Sp. Elizabeth Collier b. Sept. 11, 1907 d. July 6, 1997

7. Ella D. Wilson Cunningham

Sp Perry Cunningham b Feb 10, 1894 d April 10 1970

1. Dorothy Cunningham Herring

2. Curtis D Cunningham

3. George W. Cunningham

8.Clara Wilson Gates b Jan 2, 1884 D Oct 12, 1974

Sp W Ray Gates

7.Ashabel Sylvester Wilson born March 9, 1869 died March 24 1938 was married to Dora Shoaf born May 6, 1872 Smithfield Died Sept 1, 1946 same place. They were married on Jan 29, 1896. They had nine (9) children. I will have to research some further but Ashabel was married before and had one son who I think was named Raymond.

Sp #1 Ella McCarty married Dec 24,1887 (Divorced)

1.Raymond Wilson

Sp #2 Dora Shoaf m Jan. 29, 1896

1. Queenie Wilson b June 15, 1894 March 3, 1990

Sp Harry Musgrove b. May 3, 1860 d. Nov 11, 1943

2. Kathryn Belle Wilson Smith b Jan 16, 1897 d March 24,1942

Sp. William Russell Smith

3. Rachel Wilson McNatt b Jan 24, 1896 d Oct 5, 1957

Sp Charles Edward McNatt b Jan 11, 1920 d Nov 20, 2003.

Rachel and Charles had six children and they were:

1.Harold had four children but I can’t find his wife’s name. The children were:

1.Harold McNatt 2.Sunny McNatt, 3. Wesley McNatt, 4. Keri McNatt

2.Edna McNatt Thorpe b Oct. 24, 1925 d Dec 21, 1962

3.Robert McNatt

4. Sarah McNatt Rhodes

5. Elna McNatt Thorpe I think this may be a mistake

6. Jean McNatt

4. Sarah Olive Wilson Clemmer b Jan 21 1903 Georges Twp d March 5, 1984 same.

Sp Russell Clemmer b May 26, 1903 d July 5, 1958. Russell and Sarah were busy because they had 11 children and they were:

1.Wilson Pierce Clemmer Pvt. B Nov 1923 died Sept 25, 1942 possibly WWII

2.Eudora Mae Clemmer b Jul 18 1925 d May 27, 2003

Eudora children were

Patsy Robert Clemmer who was married to:

Helen Marie Boshinsky Children were:

1. Shawn Clemmer

2.Stacy Clemmer

3. Ella Elizabeth Clemmer b Sept 2, 1927 d May 29, 1937

4. Willard Albert Clemmer b Aug 23, 1928 D Sept. 24, 1950

5. Sarah Catherine Clemmer Leasure

6. Olive Rebecca Clemmer Jonson b 1933

7. Daniel Bruce Clemmer

8. Donald Lee Clemmer

Sp Ursula Clemmer

9. Albert Clemmer

10. Russell D. Clemmer

Sp Jane Clemmer

11. Sarah Clemmer

5. Elizabeth W. Romesburg b March 19, 1901

Sp James Jonas Romesburg b Feb.

6. Edith Myrtle Wilson Hibbs b. March 19,1905 D Sept.29,191987 Sp. Wilbur Leon Hibbs B. April 7, 1901 d. Sept. 12, 1992

7. Endora Wilson b, May 22, 1922

Sp John Carl Whetstone b. b 1906 d. March 12, 1972

8. Sylvester Ashabel Wilson Jr. b Jan 10, 1907 m Aug 1, 1928 Sp Lizzie Minnie Christopher Oct 13, 1908

1. Lazonia Christopher

2. Sarah Ann Hornsby

9. James Jacob Wilson b. Sept.13, 1908 d. Aug 16, 1982

Sp Marybelle Chick b. Sept. 9, 1914 d Feb 4, 1955

10. Woodrow Wilson b 1913 d. June 27, 1997

Sp m Clara Mae Cupp b 1916 d 1970

8. Ada Pauline Wilson Ryland b April 6 1871 d June 20, 1964

Sp Charles B Ryland m May 28, 1890 B Feb 28, 1864 d Jan 11,1901

1.James Carl Ryland March 8 1891

2. Arthur C. Ryland b Oct 31, 1892 d March 19, 1920

3. Lulu Ryland Mayer April 4, 1898

Sp Raymond Moyer

9. Oliver Stewart Wilson b Nov 11, 1875

Sp Ellen Blair Jolly Wilson M. Nov. 29, 1905 she died e. 20. 1937. Five children total. Two children from previous marriage.

1.Ablert Jolly

2.Robert Jolly

3. Daisy Hoover

Sp Charles Hoover

4.Ernest Wilson

5.Oliver S. Wilson Jr.

Sp Mildred Wilson

10. Walter Newton Wilson b May 13 1878 d 1928

Sp Minnie B Gillis b 1877 died 1967

11. Robert E. Wilson b Aug 9, 1881 d 1951

12. Henry Winifred Wilson b March 15, 1885 d ec 31, 1960

Sp Rena Carr Wilson

1. Lucile E Wilson Jan 9, 1912 d mrch 24, 1913


Well that’s closes the Wilson line and it wasn’t easy and there are more

but I didn’t want to get into them all. I think we are related to half of Fairchance and New Geneva. This is the Wilson clan that use to have the reunions at Rainbow Park. There still is a Wilson reunion and it is held in Masontown now. Most of them live in and around Fayette Co. Sylvester is on that really had me confused he had so many kids and was married twice. Sylvester kids had lots of kids also.

Also I hope I’m able to clear up some mistakes that have been entered in the local data bases that James and Elizabeth had 13 children when there in fact was only 12. Most of the data bases list Dorcas H Wilson as a daughter but if you really research it you’ll see for one that see was born three days after Jonathan which I don’t think really happened. The other thing that help me clear it up is both James and Elizabeth obituary do not list her as a surviving or deceased child. Elizabeth when she died had 65 Great-Great Grandchildren and three Great-Great-Great Grandchildren. The Wilson believed in large families. The other thing I noticed in most of the obituaries from the Laugherys and Wilson’s the writers always used the words prominent citizen or staunch Democrat. One called a Laughery a rigid Jeffersonian Democrat.

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