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The Laughery's a brief history

The Laughery's a brief history
The Wilson of Fairchance
The Shaneyfelt's or the correct way to spell it would be Schoenfeld
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The original Laughery, Loughery or Lochry which is the correct spelling came from Ireland on or about 1840. The name means “Mountain Lake “Loch” (Scotch) for mountain and “ery” meaning lake. The Lochry were Scotch-Irish. This only means they were of Scottish ancestry who settled in Northern Ireland. We were Saxon and were normally Presbyterian. The Wilson’s, Loughry’s and two other families came to Ireland with Lord Forbes during king George’s reign and settled in Loughford County Ireland. There is a lake in this county called Lough Rea and a town in Galloway County called Loughery.

I just want to note that during my research I was amazed at the different ways that the named was spelled. Not just within a town but with in a family. On one marriage license I noted that the father spelled his name Loughery and his daughter spelled it Loughrey. On that same license the issuing authority spelled it Loughry. So you can see what a nightmare it was in looking for records. I had to look three or four times in the same place using different spellings. In the history of Fayette County they place all the Laughery spelling under one heading instead of separating them.

For the benefit of time and typing I will leave out a lot of what I consider unnecessary references and try to deal with the ones germane to our families. I will furnish a copy of the Loughery’s of Pa so you all can read it at your own pace. There is some very interesting reading in the book. And do remember when you read the name Loughery even those who came at a later dates from Ireland they are related to the original Jeremiah. The blood line is more pure to the ones from Maryland and West Virginia one time Virginia. It must also be remembered that in the early 1700 Western Pennsylvania was part of Virginia. There were many Doctors in the family from West Virginia and loads of lawyer. Many of the earlier Loughery were Justice of the Peace in the early years of our nation which was a highly regarded position’s. I would also like to say because I don’t want to leave it out many were offices in the War of 1812 the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and most wars after that. James Loughery married Ann Wilson whose father was General John Wilson. General Wilson was from Ireland and he served for three years as a guard to George Washington. Jeremiah served with General Braddock the famous British General killed in a battled of Monongahela in Pennsylvania. Although Jeremiah didn’t server in the battle the Braddock got killed he had enough service time to receive a pension from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The letter for pension from the government is in the book.

Now the hard part Jeremiah Lockery came to America before 1740. He came with his 5 sons three daughters. No mention is ever made of his wife although it is generally believed he name was Mary. Children of Jeremiah Lockery:

1. Jeremiah Loughery born 1731

2. William

3. Archibald born in 1733

4. Margaret

5. John. Born in York Co 1737 PA

6. James this is our path to Jeremiah the father of the Loughery’s in the New World

7. Rebecca


It’s is believed that most of Jeremiah’s children were born in America.

James Loughrey’s was born in 1787. He had a daughter Eliza born in 1808 in MD. He had a farm in VA and MD. He had connections to Fayette Co. Also James Loughrey’s father (the maternal grandfather of Eliza) was an early settler in Fayette Co. He owned and operated a fulling mill. Jewitt’s book says John Loughry son of Jeremiah was a weaver. The tie in with the fulling mill is probably through Eliza who married Joseph Whetstone in 1824. Eliza and Joseph had 12 children. Most of the early Whetstone are buried in an old cemetery in Springhill Twp. It’s off a old road called Falling Timber Rd. The cemetery is called Mt. Mariah Presbyterian Cemetery. John Loughery died in and around the Cheat River area according the Jewitt book on the Loughery’s. John’s son James had a son William who is the father of William who is the father of Jonathan R. Laughery my grandfather on my mother side. The 1820 Census shows a James Laughery in Fayette county with several children. Also a 1840 census shows a William Laughery in Fayette County with male children around our William Laughery age. I’m more and more convinced that our forefather came from the Westmoreland County area which only make sense because that’s where they were working their way west from.

Another of the interesting Lochry was Archibald, who was one of the original son of Jeremiah. He migrated north and west into what is now Westmorland Co. He rose to the positions of much prominence in Westmorland Co. In the year the 1781 the Indians of the area were causing much trouble and a need for a militia was recognized so the important men of the area met at John Proctor house who was a neighbor of Archibald Lochry. They issued a proclamation under the authority of George Washington and an Army was formed Archibald was promoted to Colonel. He was told to form an army and to meet General Clark who was to lead the expedition west to find the warring Indians. Lochry was able to raise about 50 men and pick-up more on his was to met Clark. To make a very long story short Archibald was killed on the expedition. He was killed near what is now Miami Ohio on a island. Some of the deserting troops of General Clarks forces joined up with the Indians and help kill almost all of Lochry Army. Even in the History of Pennsylvania and the History of Fayette Country they spell Laughery seven (7) different ways. I will attach the history of Archibald it’s rather interesting and confirms a lot of what is written in Jewitt book on the Laugherys.

William Loughery was born in July of 1861 and died on Nov. 15, 1899 at the age of 38 years 5 mo and 22 days. His wife was named Ellen Wilson. Ellen was born July 31, 1865 and died Aug. 14, 1913, she was 48 years old. It appears that Jonathan had at least two siblings a brother and sister. The sister name was Lizzie Laughery born Sept 28, 1884 and died Dec. 8, 1904. She was single when she died and the records show she died of appendicitis’s. The brother’s name was Clydie W Loughery. As with Lizzie I believe they chose to use the nickname on the tombstone rather then the Christine name. I believe Lizzie name was the Elizabeth and Clydie’s was just Clyde. The grave marker in the family plot indicates that he was 14 year and 24 days old and died in 1900. That would make his birthday Nov. 6, 1886. I don’t know the cause of death hoping church records will show it.

William Loughery was killed in a railroad accident Nov. 15, 1899 in Mt Braddock near Connellsville PA. He was 38 years old His name was spelled two different ways in the newspapers one was Laughery the other Lowry. At the time of his death William Laughery was living on Lawn Ave. in Uniontown. The street is located near the Fikes Dairy factory but closer to the Uniontown Country Club.

Jonathan R. Laughery married Lena Olive Shaneyfelt on Dec. 24, 1910. Jonathan died on April 9, 1928 at the age of 37 years and 19 days in Uniontown hospital after a long illness of heart disease, which you all know runs in the family i.e. Ronnie Matty, Uncle Larry, Sis Laughery, Gert’s mother Bertha. He worked for West Penn power in Charleroi PA for about 3 years before he became sick. He was in the hospital 9 weeks before he died. He was laid out at his Uncle Russell Wilson and buried in the Brownfield Cemetery in Fairchance which adjoins the Maple Grove Cemetery. There is some confusion as to the name of the cemeteries in which the Laugherys are buried. Some refer to it as the Brownfield Cemetery but all court and newspaper references say they are buried at Maple Grove. No big deal as far as I’m concerned.

Jonathan was given the house at the entrance to the Maple Grove Cemetery by his mother. She was given the property by William Wilson whom I believe was her father. The property was originally purchased for $25.00 back in 1880 from James Wilson and his wife Elisabeth and sold to William Wilson and his wife. The property was purchased from the Protestant Methodist Church of Fairchance. Ellen D Wilson Laughery willed the property to her sole surviving hair Jonathan in 1900 shortly after William got killed on the railroad. Jack Laughery willed the property to Lena Laughery in 1928 for the sum of $1.00. I can find no record of Grandma Lena Mains ever selling the property.

There seems to be a skip in the change of record which needs to be looked into. When Jonathan died, Grandma Mains for some reason moved to Uniontown and was renting a house. She was working as a cook at what is listed as a chain store and Bertha is listed as a servant in a Private Home. Clarence (Larry) and Jonathan (Buddy) do not show up in the 1930 census living at home. Now Larry was old enough to join the service and I have found out that Uncle Buddy was being raise by a Wilson family that lived Smithfield. This all can be proven by the 1930 census. The union of Jonathan and Lena

produced six children, two boys and 4 girls. They were as follows

Bertha E. Laughery Oct 12, 1913 died Jan. 9, 1941

Nellie P. Laughery April 4, 1915 died June 10, 1993

Gwendolyn Laughery Sept. 24 1916 died Dec 21, 1918

Kathryn E Laughery Nov 12, 1917 died Aug 24,2005

Jonathan Laughery March 14, 1923 die

Clarence W. Laughery May 28, 1911 died Oct 25, 1960

d Nov 5, 1998

1.Clarence W. Laughery born May 28 1911

Uncle Larry as he was known to all of us retired from the Army in 1958 as a Master Sgt. He died in DeWitt Army Hospital in Virginia. He was married twice his first wife I will have to get her name from the kids and this marriage did produce one son. He second was wife Margaret and they had the following children:

1. Jackie J. Laughery

2. Larry William Laughery

3. Mary Jane (Farrell)

4. Joyce Ann (Dean)

5. Gloria Mae (Kobelka)

2.Bertha Loughery born Oct. 12, 1913 Sis as she was called was born Oct 12th 1913 and died very young of heart disease on Jan 9, 1941. She had one daughter. Gert’ red hair is a Wilson trait I have come to find out by interviewing several older Wilson family members. They have pointed out children on the 1911 family reunion who had red hair.

1.Gertrude Laughery 22 Oct 1931

3. NELLIE P. LAUGHERY born April 4, 1916 d. June 10, 1993 m. Feb. 2, 1938 Homer L Nichols b. March 7, 1916 d. Nov. 28, 2001 They had six children.

1. Allen H. Nichols May 22 1937 Married Donna Howard on June 18, 1960 (divorced) Remarried Sandra Miller Nov.2,1968 Sandy was born on May 11,1945

1.Lisa Ann Nichols July 7, 1961 m March 8, 1980 Jeffery Provance b. March 21, 1957 Two children;

1.Rori Beth Aug 8, 1980

2.Rheannon April 4,, 1986

2.Beth Ann Nichols June 18, 1962 Died July 1979

3.Curtis Allen Nichols b. Sept. 9, 1964 m March 31, 1993 to Angela Wilson b. March 11, 1971

1.Justin Feb. 16, 1997

2.Jeremy Feb. 24, 2003

2.Carol Ann Nichols July 22, 1943 married Dr. Fernando Mm. Vargas b. 10 Jul 1930 d. 9 Mar 1986 Rittman Oh

Nov.28,1960 two children

1.Melinda Vargas March 3, 1962 married Dr. Thomas M. Jaffe on Oct. 19, 1991 three children:

1.Alexander Aug. 9, 1993

2.Michela Aug. 23, 1994

3.Max July 13, 1997

2.Edwin Vargas May 19, 1964 married Jacquelyn T. Cinadr Aug. 10, 1991 two children:

1.Andrew Lawrence Vargas March 1, 1994

2.Matthew Ames Vargas Jan. 4, 1996

3. Patrick F Nichols may 29, 1945 married Nila A Swords June 12, 1976 two children

1.Darrin Patrick Nichols Jan 20, 1978 m. Kathy Stever March 24, 2000

2.Beth Ann Nichols May 28,1978 married Bradly Booker Oct 22, 2005

4.Patricia K Nichols born May 29, 1945 married William Liston on Sept 16,1977 four children all boys.

1.Shawn Liston 5/29/68 married Bonnie Gregg born on May 13 1971 on Aug 16, 1989 they had three children

1.Breann May 6, 1990

2.Chelsea Oct. 25, 1991

3.Taylor Feb. 5, 1995

2.Joel Michael Liston B. March 7, 1970 died Aug, 8 1992 m one child

3.Jarred Liston Twin July 26, 1971

4.Jason Liston Twin July 26, 1971 married Lee Ann on Aug 2, 1997March 9, 1969 Two children

1.Jordan Elizabeth Dec. 1, 1994

2.Marissa Jeanne March 7, 1998


5. Donald Wayne Nichols Oct 8, 1947 married Kathy Sterbutzel on May 20, 1967. She was born Oct. 8, 1947 they had three sons.

                    1.Donald Lee Nichols two children

                    1.Gage Nichols Sept 4, 1993

                    2. Miranda July 23, 1995

                    2.Christopher Nichols b. Aug, 25, 1976 Angela b.  Oct.  

                       24,1975 married on Oct. 9, 1999

                     3.Ryan Allan Nichols June 23, 1984

6. Daryl Lee Nichols Jan 20, 1952 married Ruth Ann Elsberry divorced

1. Candace Nichols (adopted)

4.GWENDOLYN G. LAUGHERY (Rist) Sept 21, 1916 died Dec.21, 1981. She was married to Andrew Blazek on June 20, 1936 which ended in divorce. She married Robert Rist on April 5, 1952 whom she meet while working on the River Boats that hauled coal on the Monongahela River. She worked on the old paddle wheeled boats with such names as the Duquesne, Homestead and Clairton. The wedding was at the Maxwell Presbyterian Church with the reception following at Grandma Maine’s house, yard, the Fire hall in other words it was a big party. I was only 7 but I really remember it well. Robert Wilson Rist died on Dec 21 1996.

She had 5 children.

1.Constance Lee Blazek born on May 13,1936 married Larry De Salvo born Nov.18,1933 married on May 14, 1955. They had three boys:

1. Larry George De Salvo April 9, 1957 he married Judith De Marco July 7, 1979.

1.Joanna Oct 18, 1981

2. Zachary Allan De Salvo born Oct 16, 1959 married Cindy Loubengeyer March 28, 1982.(Divorced) They had 3 children they were:

1 Kelly Doak Oct 25, 1975

1. Justin Doak Oct 26, 1995

2. Emily Althea Doak Feb.. 7, 2003

2..Constance May 13, 1983

3. David June 16, 1987

Zachary remarried Diane on Aug 20, and there is one child.

1.Jessica July 13,1982

3. Mark Also De Salvo born De. 6, 1963 married Joanna Carpenter on Oct 10, 1992. The had three children

1.Catherine Dec 16, 1985

2.Heather Twin Nov 22, 1998

3.Holly Twin Nov 22, 1998

3. Robert Larry Blazek br. 20 Aug 1937 married Betty Swarrow in Aug 1959 had 3 sons

1. Keith Blazek Aug 24, 1964

2. Robert Leroy Blazek Jan. 29,

3. Jeffery Scott Blazek May 24, 1962


4. Sandra Kay Walters Dec 23, 1941 married Allen Warcheck Oct 17, 1959 (divorced) Three children. Sandra’s dad is Harry William Walters born on 18 Nov. 1911.

1. Allen Scott Warchak Sept 12,1960Married Sigrid Cooper Sept.7,1980


1. Nathan Allan b. Oct 6, 1980

2. Jasmine Noel Jan. 14 1993

2. Renee Elisa Warchak born Jan 17, 1966 married Paul Lenhard July 1990

1. Ashley Renee April 6, 1996

2. Brandon Ivan July 10, 2000

3. Dean M Warchak Nov. 27, 1969

5. Darla Rene Rist Oct 23, 1954 married to Bill Ware Oct 23,

1971 (divorced) two children. She married Richard George Kermendy on June 26, 1982 1979. Here a twist of faith Rick is the brother of Ron who is married to Marla Rist Darla’s twin now that’s very unusual. Darla has two grandchildren.

1. Carrie Ware April 30, 1972

1. Maya Ware Aug. 8, 1999

2. Taylor Carter July 7, 2994

2. Jessica Ware born in Germany Feb. 28,, 1977

6. Marla Rene Rist Oct 23, 1954 (Twin) married Ron Kermedy on Aug. 27, 1979 Ron was born on Aug. 16, 1951. They had two children

1. Christopher Richard Kermedy 1986

2. Melissa Gwendolyn Kermedy 1988

5. Kathryn E. Laughery married Michael Matty Aug. 14, 1939 and had three children.

1. Ronald E Matty born Dec 19, 1940 died April 27, 1990 of a long struggle with a heart condition. Married to Liz Harvey and they had one child Pamela Matty born Nov. 17, 1966.

Pamela Matty m. Brian Cordy on Aug 12, 1995. Brian b. Jan 9, 1964 they have two children:

1. Hanna Cordy Feb. 3, 1999

2. Kara Cordy Sept. 27, 2002


2. Terry Matty born Dec. 21,, 1947 married Christine Kovach Jan. 28, 1972 they had two children.

1. Carissa Renee Jan.25,1975

2. Teri Lynn July 15, 1972

3. Kimberly Matty born May 24, 1952 m Larry Harvey and had two children.

m. Gerald Kremposky Jr. on Sept.6 1997 two children1. Kelly Harvey Jan. 27


1. Lucas Anthony Kremposky April 17, 2001

2. Logan Alexander Kremposky April 20, 2004

2. Michael Harvey Dec. 21, 1980

6. Jonathan Laughery born March 14, 1923 died Nov 5, 1998 in Cleveland met Geraldine Flora who was born on Jan 26, 1923 and they were married on Jan 30, two children.

1. Judith Laughery born Oct.23, 1943 married Kenneth Shobey on 1-28-66 divorced and had two children.

1.Todd Shobey May 9 1972

2.Brett Dec 4, 1968

2. Cynthia Laughery b. Jan. 1, 1951 m. Dec. 24, 1974 Brice Trumble b. Aug. 13, 1946. One child

1.Dana Trumble b. Oct. 15, 1969

1. Shane Trumble Oct. 1 1989

2. Brandon Dec. 10, 1991

3. Spencer Sept. 21, 1999

4. Deavan Trumble July 19, 2002

After the death of Jonathan Laughery grandma stayed in Fairchance for a while then moved to Uniontown where she worked as a cook. Grandma Laughery met and married Franklin W. Mains in 1930 after the death of his wife Drusilla Murray Mains. They left Uniontown and moved to Maxwell where Daddy Frank was a boss in the Maxwell mine. Daddy Frank was also a Charter Member of the La Belle Vol. Fire Co. This union produced one child Fay Marie Mains. Fay did have two step brothers Logan of Continental No. 3 and Alvin of Uniontown. She also had one step sister Janet Myrtle who lived at home. Daddy Frank Mains was born Jan 4, 1883 and died March 3, 1945 he is buried beside his first wife Druscilla Mains who died very young at the age of 44.Their greaves are located at the Maple Grave Cemetery in Fairchance Pa

Fay Mains born on Nov. 19, 1931 married Willard Biddle Jr. on July 3, 1950 and they had three children; Nov 29,

1. Willard Biddle III born March 5, 1951 married Martha Randolph on Feb 14, 1976 Martha was born on Aug, 11, 1953 The had three children:

2.Thomas Marshall born on June 15, 1972 and died very young in a

car accident on Sept 10, 1991

3.Willard Biddle IV born March 4, 1977 married Angela Mc Greggor Biddle and have two children

1. Thomas Alexandar Biddle March 2, 1999

2. Lillian Dawn Biddle Dec 24, 2002

4. Jodi Biddle Aug. 8, 1980 married Jacob Adam Hixson on June 12, 2003

1. Jacob Hixson

2. Wendy Biddle m. Barry Landman divorced they had two children.

1. Melissa Lynn Landman

2. Angela Renee Landman

3. Kirby Biddle born Dec. 7, 1954 he married Nancy Biddle on July 9, 1976. Nancy was born on Jan. 24, 1954 they had three boys and they were:

1.Nathan Lee Dec. 3, 1979

2.Robert Charles Dec 15, 1980

3.David Ray Dec. 6, 1982

Before I leave the Laughery and go to the Wilson one thing needs to be cleared up and that is the “Crooked Thumb” mystery. It was always thought that it was a Laughery trait but after taking to several Wilson’s I’ve learned that it comes from the Wilson side of the family. Some of the Wilson children not only had five fingers but some were born with a extra finger on one hand. There will be more interesting facts on the Wilson later in the Wilson Chapter. Be sure and go to the index and read the Archibald Lochry Expedition. It’s some interesting reading about some obscure facts.